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Working with an Insurance broker means you'll always get the best service available. With multiple options to choose from, we'll make sure you are always paired with the provider that fits best for you.


Protect your property and your belongings.


Protect your loved ones in the event of your untimely death, or protect your assets from taxes. We'll help you figure out the plan that makes the most sense for.


When you work as a contractor, or for yourself, your ability to work is all you've got. Protect it.


In the worst case scenario, you've damaged your client's property, but you've taken precautions and they'll be just fine.

Why choose an insurance brokerage?

Chances are you got my number from a friend, that's how I like to do business, so I want to let you know that I'm bound by a Code of Ethics to maintain your privacy. All client discussions and information are kept confidential, even among friends.

There is no additional fee for using an insurance broker.

As an independent insurance agency, Safe Street Insurance can offer many things that companies such as Allstate or State Farm cannot. We offer insurance products from a variety of different companies, giving us the ability to find you the best insurance at the best rate. We have no allegiance to the insurance company, we work for our clients and always put their interests and well being first.

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I understand, you don't have time to call. Sometimes you just want questions answered at your convenience. Text us today and we'll respond right away.

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